Moroccan Beef Stew


Olive oil

1½ or 2 lbs. beef stew meat

1 yellow onion

2 inches fresh ginger grated

4 or 5 minced garlic cloves

½ Tablespoon allspice

½ Tablespoon cinnamon

1 cup red wine

3 oz. tomato paste

1 Tablespoon honey

¼ teaspoon or more crushed red pepper

½ teaspoon salt (I use sriracha salt)

3 cups beef stock

14 dried apricots cut in half

can of chick peas

fresh spinach

¼ cup golden raisins


chopped fresh cilantro and slivered almonds for garnishing


Heat the olive oil in a large pot over medium high heat, add the beef. Cook the beef until it is well browned and all of the juices have cooked off.

While the beef is cooking, dice the onion. Peel the ginger with a vegetable peeler or scrape the skin off with a spoon and then grate about 2 inches on a cheese grater. Add the onion, ginger, and minced garlic to the pot with the beef and cook until tender (about 5 minutes).

Add the allspice and cinnamon to the pot. Stir and cook for about one minute. Add the red wine to deglaze the bottom of the pot.

Add the stock, tomato paste, honey, crushed red pepper and salt. Give everything a good stir to dissolve the tomato paste. Let it come up to a boil then reduce the heat to low, place a lid on top, and let it simmer.

When the stew has simmered for about an hour, roughly chop the apricots and add them to the stew along with the raisins, a can of chickpeas and fresh spinach. Let the stew simmer for another 15-20 minutes without a lid to allow it to thicken. You may need to increase the heat just slightly to keep it simmering without the lid to hold the heat in.

Serve over couscous with fresh cilantro and slivered almonds.


One thought on “Recipes

  1. Sriracha Popcorn: 100 calorie microwave bag of Kettle Popcorn, butter, ground sriracha salt. This combines all of my favorites; sweet, salty, spicy, crunchy, easy to make and low in calories. Yum!!

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